Joost Plattel

Data-strategist, Founder & Speaker.

Fixing (LinkedIn) interfaces with Chrome plugins

Online services tend to change their functionality or interaction. Sometimes in a good way, other times in a bad way. Most recently LinkedIn made a little change in the way accepting (and replying to) invites works. I personally use LinkedIn as a address book and leave it alone at times, never in... Read more

Making Waves

So far today has been enjoyable, until around noon when someone texted me with a url pointing to, showing an article about the Data Protection Authority telling me it is forbidden for employers to use wearables to track their employees (also on The research the article points... Read more

Privacy & Gracefully revealing depth

Just a couple of days ago I read a post from Atlassian explaining some new features, but the most interesting aspect was that they explore gracefully revealing depth. To me this same concept can also be applied to privacy, ethics and more problems. Even though it's about functionality, the same c... Read more

Musings on transparency

I've been thinking about and exploring transparency a lot lately. As I'm building dashboards for employees, transparency is one of the key factors of integration within the workforce. But there are some funny things about transparency and this is why most companies and organisations are having di... Read more

On solving annoying things

The dutch government and other (bigger) organisations seem to have a habit to annoy people. One of the reasons they do so is security by obscurity. It has it’s flaw as shown in this blogpost by @levelsio. He wrote a little script that fetches and forwards all the email, which everyone can do afte... Read more