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Predicting energy usage with prophet

Facebook recently released Prophet, a library that makes it easy to create predictions based on time-series data. When the time was right to tinker around, I thought of a dataset I've been collecting for some time now, which is the smart energy meter we have for our house.

And with some tinkering to get Prophet to play nice with my containers and Jupyter I had my first prediction in a few minutes:


This makes me wonder if I could just pay the predicted amount instead of a fixed fee... but that's probably not feasible on the provider side. Other datasets that I might look at: amount of calendar items (to predict future busy-ness), activity or heart-rate (could I really?). Or maybe parking fines prediction? I got a sample dataset of a year of parking fines, mmh?

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All my 8:36pm photos of 2016

Happy new year! Hope you had a blast the past few weeks! I surely did :)

As a tradition when a new year starts, I had to make a movie of all my 8:36pm photos of past year. And this time its easier as every, since I saved the After Effects project template of last year. Here's the video:

Why shoot a picture everyday you might ask? Here's the answer! And in case you want to get all your photos of Mobypicture as well, here's the gist:

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Brewing beer in a modified kettle

It took me a while, but I managed to write this post about the thing I've been spending some time on in the last few months: brewing beer. I started collecting things for my own setup a while ago and took the plunge to buy a kettle: A modified kettle for brewing beer

For now the temperature will be manually controlled, and I will be stirring for a while, but I'm slowly working towards and enclosure that covers the pump and a PID for temperature control. For the brewing method I use the brew-in-a-bag system, which lets me easily get out all the malts, but the filtering proces ain't perfect yet.

The first beer I've brewed in the new kettle is a saison, 17L effective volume and just before bottling it had a alcohol percentage of 7,30%. During this first run the filtering didn't go trough properly and the small tap on the front of the kettle turned out to be leaking (luckily I figured this out while I still only had water in the kettle.)

So more updates shortly on the brewing proces!

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On holiday in Italy: Rome, Florence, Pisa & Cinque Terre

This summer I spend 2 weeks in Italy together with Chantal. We started off in Rome, spending our time in Trastevere. We visited all the main tourist attractions, because I hadn't visited Rome before. Time passed by pretty quickly and we traveled to Florence by BlaBlaCar. After a day of traveling, it's great to jump in a pool!

Florence is an amazing city, especially when you can watch the sun set over the city, the food is good and if you dive a bit into Italian culture you'll find hidden gems! Next up was San Gimigniano, a little town with lots of towers. We stayed in an agriturismo for 1 night, I cannot recommend this enough if you are somewhere in Tuscania. We visited Pisa before going to La Spezia, which would be our take off point for the main goal of our trip: Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre is series of villages at the waterfront of Liguria, and I'd like to show you one image for every village:

RiomaggioreRiomaggiore, one of the five villages of cinque terre
ManaroleManarole, one of the five villages of cinque terre
CornigliaCorniglia, one of the five villages of cinque terre
VernazzaVernazza, one of the five villages of cinque terre
MonterossoMonterosso, one of the five villages of cinque terre
The last two days we're spend at the beach of Lido di Camaiore and Lucca. Holiday well spend I would say! Italy, I'll be back for more.

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London on a double-bike

On sunday the 10th of June I left my parents place on a double-bike. Together with a friend we cycled to Zwolle, took a train and prepared ourselves in the evening for a trip to London. As we took the boat to Harwich the next day I didn't know what to expect as I hadn't visited England before.
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As we talked with locals it turns out it's much more enjoyable if you take the small hilly roads towards your destination. This also ensures more scenic views and much more nature, unfortunately this also introduced some off-road paths which our bike didn't take that well.. (as did we!). Before long we reached London and did a quick tourist route covering the most important landmarks:
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After spending 2 nights in London we went south-east towards Dover and after a couple of days we reached the white cliffs:
Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Our tour was finished by taking the boat to Dunkerque, cycling north towards Vlissingen, while staying the night near the beach of Belgium. We averaged around 70km per day. It was a great trip!

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