Joost Plattel

Data-strategist, Founder & Speaker.

Talking about my phone usage

Last year before I went on holiday to Portugal I had the opportunity to give a talk at the Quantified Self 2017 Conference in Amsterdam. I decided just the night before to talk about how much I use my phone (or better how much I shouldn't use it!). The wonderful folks over at QS Labs created a pa... Read more

Creating smart bubble counter fermentation process tracking

This weekend I spend my time on electronics, with a specific goal in mind, automating the tracking of a fermentation vessel that I use for brewing. My starting point was a Wemos D1 mini lite, which is a cheap arduino compatible chip with wifi options. I wanted to track how many bubbles we're sen... Read more

8:36pm - 2017

As I've been doing for the past 7 years now, I made a movie out of all the 8:36pm pictures I took this year. It's embedded below from Vimeo: If you can spot yourself, thanks for being part of my life this year! It's been great fun and I'll take some time to update some of the projects I've wor... Read more

Getting started with a LoRaWan gateway

Most of the work I do is software related, but sometimes I do dabble in hardware. As a result I receive more and more requests for hardware related projects. As an aspiring maker I do want to explore this side of technology more so these projects are perfect opportunities for me to learn. A... Read more

Predicting energy usage with Prophet

Facebook recently released Prophet, a library that makes it easy to create predictions based on time-series data. When the time was right to tinker around, I thought of a dataset I've been collecting for some time now, which is the smart energy meter we have for our house. And with some tinkerin... Read more